Invite Dover & Deal Sea Cadets to a Community or Private Event.

Every year Dover & Deal Sea attends many events outside of its core curriculum, including ceremonial events, school fetes, public displays and more.

Please be mindful that our Unit is run by volunteers and has Cadets with sometimes demanding educational commitments, so community event commitments can only be fulfilled on a case by case basis depending totally on availability of the resources requested.

Our marching band is currently regrouping and only available in a limited capacity.

Dover & Deal Sea Cadets remembrance day.

If you wish to request the attendance of Dover & Deal Sea Cadets, and or the Band, please complete the form and we shall do our best to participate.

The information you give us here will be kept in the strictest of confidence and not share with third parties unless relevent to facilitating the event.
Please keep in mind that we get a lot of requests. We do our utmost to fulfil our community engagements, but sadly it does happen that we are unable to attend, even at short notice. If we are able to attend your event, we will be in touch in due course.